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4 Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

Showers are an indispensable part of any bathroom and an integral part of any bathroom renovations. But no one wants an outdated look after spending time and money on remodelling, especially as kitchen and bathroom renovations often stay with the home for around 15 years.

How do you create a classic and clean design that still meets current trends? While not every bathroom has a shower, they’re definitely a feature in smaller bathrooms, so take a look at these four shower remodel ideas that will give you the flexibility to stay on-trend, yet maintaining a look that can be easily updated.

1. Colour

Neutral whites and greys have been a standard in home design for a long time. They allow the room to have a neutral base that works well with trending colour accents. Both white and grey can be warm or cool, depending on the specific shade you choose, so they can quite literally match everything. Choose a blend of the two colours throughout your bathroom design as your foundation from which to work.

2. Tile

The hardest decision you might have to make is to choose from the near-endless styles of tiles to use in your shower. Ceramic tile is used predominantly in showers because it is durable, easy to clean, safe to stand on, and doesn't take in moisture.

Stone tiles and glass may be tempting, but ceramic tiles work best given the wet conditions of a bathroom so that your maintenance is reduced or even eliminated.

3. Shower Doors

Glass shower doors allow for ease of cleaning, make the bathroom appear much larger, and create a higher-end look to your bathroom remodel compared to shower curtains.

4. Finishings

Built-in shower niches are a wonderful finishing to include in your next bathroom remodel. They allow for dedicated storage space for toiletries and soaps that offer a much better alternative than suction-cup-style caddies.

If you need bathroom installers in Cambridge, then contact us today!


Are You Looking For Bathroom Inspiration?

If spending more time than usual in your home has got you thinking about where you could make some improvements, you’re certainly not alone.

In fact, Homes & Property recently revealed that there has been a surge in searches for bathroom design inspiration, among other interior projects, on Houzz.

The news provider revealed that the interior inspiration site has seen searches for bathroom design ideas increase by around 76 per cent compared to the same month last year. For most bathroom makeovers, you’ll need the help of professionals to bring your vision to life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning your space now.

This just means that when restrictions are lifted, you’ll be ready to contact bathroom fitting services in Cambridge to get the ball rolling with your project.

Firstly, think about what you want to bring to your bathroom. Is it character? Maybe warmth? Or just some style? An article for Country Living recently offered some ideas of how you can make stylish design changes to your bathroom.

For instance, coloured tiles are a great choice if you’re looking for a way of introducing a bit more character to your bathroom. Don’t forget that floor tiles are just as important as wall tiles when it comes to changing the aesthetic.

Wooden furniture and other accents can be a great way to bring some warmth to the atmosphere in a bathroom meanwhile, the publication noted, while if you’re keen to add some drama explore the likes of copper-bottomed baths. A free-standing tub in this type of metal can make a real statement.


Why It’s Worth Refurbishing The Bathroom In A Rental Property

If you have one or more properties that you rent out, or are considering getting into the buy-to-let market, you should always make sure that your homes are in a good condition and decorated to a high standard to attract tenants.

But there are two rooms that renters pay particular attention to when they’re looking for somewhere new to rent - the bathroom and the kitchen.

Letting Agent Today recently shared research carried out by lettings agency Carter Jonas, which found that renters looking for both houses and flats put high importance on the state of the bathroom and kitchen.

A modern kitchen and bathroom was the second-most important thing that people look for in a rental flat, and the third most important in a rental house, the news provider noted.

However, tenants in both rented flats and houses said that having a newly refurbished bathroom and kitchen was something that they were most willing to pay more for. That means it makes perfect sense to refurbish your bathroom if you’re going to be renting out your property.

There are plenty of cost-effective ways to refurbish a bathroom, and as a landlord you’re going to want to have the minimum level of hassle, not only when the work is being carried out but in case anything breaks further down the line.

When you’re looking for bathroom installers in Cambridge, make sure you choose someone who offers warranty not only on the fixtures and fittings that they’re installing, but also on the project as a whole. For example, we offer a three-year guarantee on all of our fitted projects with products that have up to a lifetime manufacturers’ warranty.

This will give you complete peace of mind that, should anything go wrong, we will be there to repair or replace as necessary. For landlords, this can take a significant worry off your mind because you’ll know that your tenants, and your property, are in good hands.

While many landlords opt for very neutral and basic designs for their bathrooms, there’s nothing to stop you adding a couple of design flourishes here and there. This could even help your property to stand out from others on the market in your area.

An article for Forbes recently explored some of the top trends in bathroom design, some of which are worth bearing in mind if you’re fitting a new bathroom in a rental property.

At the top of the list is sustainability. This can be about using sustainable materials for fixtures and fittings. But you may also want to explore how you can reduce water usage, such as by installing a low-flow toilet or an aerated shower head that saves water when people are washing.

Depending on the type of property you have, you may want to consider how you can introduce some vintage elements to your bathroom design, particularly if it’s a period home. This can be subtle, such as through the choice of light fittings that mimic a particular vintage style - the news provider noted that the Art Deco period is particularly popular.

Lighting is another element to carefully consider in a bathroom and one that can have a big impact on how the space feels. In fact, getting this right can make a bathroom look like a much more luxurious space, which in turn is likely to appeal to tenants.

The publication explained that, while overhead and vanity lighting is still an essential element of bathroom design, there’s a growing recognition that additional small light fixtures can be an excellent way to add light to a dark bathroom.

If the bathroom in your rental property doesn’t have a window, this could be something worth exploring to make sure the space doesn’t feel too dingy.

John Yriberri, from Modular Lighting Instruments, told Forbes that “new technology has made it possible to have more discreet designs that are equally powerful and more efficient”. Energy efficient lighting in the bathroom could also tie into the idea of sustainability, and tenants are likely to welcome anything that could reduce their energy bills.

There is evidence that demand in the UK’s rental market is rising faster than new homes are coming onto the market. The latest residential survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) revealed that demand for rental properties climbed in the final quarter of 2019.

However, the number of landlords in the market fell in the same period, for the fifth successive quarter, indicating that there is a gap between supply and demand in the market. RICS suggested that this could mean rents climb by an average of two per cent in the coming year.


The Trends That Will Define Bathroom Design In 2020

Anyone thinking of starting a new bathroom installation project in their Cambridge home this year? If so, you might want to take a little look at the new interior design trends report that Houzz has just published, detailing what’s likely to be very popular for home decor over the next 12 months.

Where bathrooms are concerned, the prediction is that tiled bathtub aprons will very much come to the fore in 2020, with homeowners and designers alike covering the bath apron with tiles or something like wood - a relatively cheap way to make a big impact in this part of the house.

Walk-in showers are also looking like they’re going to continue making waves in 2020 and beyond, with Houzz saying that desire for these features has “reached a fever pitch”. If you’re planning on renovating a home with a view to selling it, it seems that a walk-in shower could be a very lucrative addition to the property.

Shower ledges are also a trendy feature right now, it seems, while floating double vanities are expected to be a big trend in the future, as well. Floating vanities mean you have more floor space to play with, as well as making smaller spaces seem bigger.

Of course, colour will always play a huge part in how a room looks and feels once it’s finished, so seeing which shades are going to be popular is a wise move as well. Check out The Pantone Color Institute’s Colour of the Year 2020 - Classic Blue - to see if that would work in your new bathroom design.


Top Tips For Designing A Bathroom

If you’re planning to revamp part of your home in 2020, chances are that it could be the bathroom. This can be a difficult space to get right because it can be hard to visualise how to rearrange all the essential elements in the space you have available.

Getting assistance through a complete bathroom fitting service could be a good idea, as it will allow you to tap into years of professional experience and might open your eyes to design ideas you hadn’t previously considered.

It’s always good to get advice from different sources, and Ideal Home recently spoke to a number of experts about things you should avoid doing when you’re choosing a bathroom.

One of the top pieces of advice is to avoid rushing into decisions over the layout, as well as feeling as though you have to stick with what you currently have.

Joe Debono, sales director at Ashton & Bentley, said that although it might cost more to have a new layout in your bathroom, this is worth the expense in instances where the old one doesn’t work as it should.

“Most traditional bathrooms were badly planned - storage was never considered, radiators were too big and not energy efficient, basins were placed under windows so that mirrors couldn’t be hung and the WC was in a separate room,” he asserted.

Mr Debono continued: “Rearranging the layout gives the possibility to incorporate design features that maximise space and functionality.”

He’s not the only professional to believe that starting with the layout is advisable. Yousef Mansouri, head of retail design at CP Hart, told the publication that he prefers to start by looking at the layout before making any other design decisions.

One of his top pieces of advice is to make sure you don’t forget about the position of your radiator or towel rail. He said that one “big mistake” is making people walk across the room to reach their towel once they step out of the shower.

Once you’ve got the design sorted, the practicalities of bringing it to life need to be considered. Using an experienced installer is essential to getting this right and making sure that all the components in your bathroom are installed in the right order to minimise potential disruption or damage as you’re fitting new elements.

Don’t forget about your bathroom lighting either. Many people overlook the lighting in their bathroom, but getting this right can make a significant difference to how it feels.

You could explore installing low-wattage floor lighting if you find you’re using the bathroom late at night, as this will still allow you to find your way to the toilet without having to turn on the main light.

If you only have a small bathroom, you might feel as though your options are somewhat limited, but there are more opportunities for a change than you might imagine. Living etc offered some ideas for small bathroom designs, including having wall-mounted taps over the basin, corner shelves and fitting a spa-style circular bath to free up more space in a room.


Spanish Bathrooms On Trend

Cambridge bathrooms may be about to get a Spanish make over if social media giant Pinterest is correct.

The social media platform Pinterest announces its predictions for trends in the coming year each year and 2020 is no different. Among a range of interesting and exciting trends for interior design, Spanish bathrooms are one of its key predictions as searches for them were up 309% last year.

This means that arches and Spanish tiles are due to have their day this year, as people opt for Spanish style bathroom designs. But what does this mean?

The arches are being seen in alcoves where people have snuck mirrors or candles, or doorways or even window frames and reflect a colonial Spanish look.

  1. Tiles
  2. Tiles have long been associated with Moorish design and are a prominent feature here, alongside simpler tile designs. Tiles are used across floors and walls and splash backs and are a dominating feature of this particular trend.

  1. Colour
  2. Greens and blues are popular here, alongside sandy yellows, as are blacks, dark browns and whites which are used to contrast with the bright colours and give them some room to breath.

  1. Grills
  2. Wrought iron work hasn’t been seen since the 90s (which is another interior design trend by the way) but is seen here in doorways, windows and even on light fittings and candle sticks used to decorate these rooms.

  1. Materials
  2. Stone and wood are hugely popular for people trying to recreate this look which provide a rougher more natural look to contrast with the shiny, ornate nature of the tiles that are so dominant.